I just got back from Dallas (American Airlines Arena). This boxing show was something to see. Estrada Vs. Chocolatito was widely discussed in the boxing community in the last few days. Officially Estrada won, but a very loud public is singing a diffferent tune.

Estrada won the split decision but, one judge’s “funny” scoring led to a huge backlash from the boxing community. I can’t really speak as to what exactly happened in the ring punch by punch, but I will discuss this controversy as a casual boxing fan.

I was overseeing the music for the night, and I also had my headset tuned in to the DAZN broadcasting team. Between picking the right music, listening for cues, and being on the microphone hyping the crowd, I didn’t get to see what everyone else saw.

I could tell you the emotions, and the feeling in the room. We were in Dallas, Texas (Mexico Runs Texas). Estrada is Mexican, Chocolatito is Nicaraguan, and I’m Puerto Rican & Ecuadorian from Manhattan. The right side of the Arena was filled with Mexican Flags. The left side of the Arena was filled with mostly Mexican flags, and some Nicaraguan flags.

When there was a big combination exchange between the night, the crowd decides who they react for. If Estrada would connect multiple combinations, The right side of the stadium would erupt and the left side was a bit quieter. If Chocolatito connected on an exchange, the left side would make noise, but not as much as the right side. I was busy doing my job, although I was watching the fight, I was juggling over aspects of the show.

When I saw the backlash of the judge’s split decision on the internet, I quickly spoke to some boxing fans and asked who they thought won. EVERYONE WAS SAYING, “CHOCOLATITO WON… NOT ESTRADA, HE WAS ROBBED”.

A quick google search, and i found out that a judge got suspended over his bogus scoring of the bout.

Here I was defending Estrada (Home Team), and I was solely judging this off of the love he was getting in the room from the local Mexican crowd.

Side Note: I started to feel bad for Chocolatito during the fight because, I don’t know any songs from Nicaragua. I know they like Latin music, probably the Reggaeton and Latin hits on the radio right now, but… I don’t know any of the music that would have represented Nicaragua.

For this, I felt like I helped Estrada win in some weird way. I didn’t play Chocolatito’s favorite music, to pump him up, to knock out Estrada, and get the win without the judge’s help. Maybe I am giving myself way too much credit, lol, I don’t know just mentally replaying everything that just happened to me this past weekend.

I also broke two new records from Hollywood Bay Bay & Jaay Smoove :